Most cities do have one or two Social Security offices, and large cities often have several. You can enter your zip code in the space provided on the Social Security Administration’s website to find your local office. You can also refer to your local telephone directory for a listing near you. They are often listed under “U. Government, Social Security Administration” or sometimes under “U. If you are having trouble locating a Social Security office, try calling the Social Security Administration at for assistance. Documents Needed for Filing for Social Security Benefits The easiest and fastest way of filing for Social Security benefits is to fill out your application online and then submit all additionally necessary documents to the Social Security Administration office according to the instructions provided on your application. Remember, however, not to mail certain documents that are hard to replace, pose a security risk if lost, or take a long time to replace such as your birth certificate or Social Security card.

Your Resource Center For Disability Information

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My parents are very helpful because they pay for my medical bills and expenses.

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If you do not own a computer, go to your local public library. Most libraries have computers that are available for public use. Find the link to change your claim status link below. The website estimates that it takes approximately 1 minute to enter the information and find out your status. Enter your Social Security number. Enter your confirmation code. Click on the “Next” button. Your current Social Security status will appear on the screen. If you recently filed the claim, it may not have had time to enter the system yet.

Try back in a few days or contact your local SSA representative. The SSA offers automated messages that provide status information 24 hours per day.

Disability and Earned Income Tax Credit

Usage[ edit ] At the end of , there were These changes had the effect of increasing the number of new SSDI awards and shifting their composition towards claimants with low-mortality disorders such as mental illness and back pain. Autor and Duggan say that aging and changes to the overall health of the U. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has found demographic factors such as population growth, aging of the baby boom generation, growth in women’s labor force participation, and the increase in Social Security’s full retirement age from 65 to 66 to be the primary factors in higher rates of SSDI program usage.

Prior to the codified rule, federal courts had imposed a similar rule through a ” common law “, but it was inconsistent.

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For example, if the cost of living has increased by 2 percent during the year, your benefits also will increase by 2 percent. If you receive your benefits by direct deposit, we will notify you of your new benefit amount in advance. If you receive your benefits by check, you also will receive a notice telling you the cost-of-living increase.

Direct Deposit We encourage Social Security beneficiaries to have their monthly benefits deposited into a bank or other financial institution account. Direct deposit is a simple, safe and secure way to receive your benefits, and you remain in control of your money. You can sign up for direct deposit by completing form SF A and taking it to your bank, savings and loan association or credit union.

The form is available on our website at www. You also can contact any Social Security office or call us toll free at for more information about direct deposit.

Checking Your Social Security Disability Status

SSDI benefits are an entitlement available to those disabled who have earned work credits by being in the workforce for 10 years and made contributions to FICA, only for adults. SSI is intended to help low-income disabled with extra money for food and shelter, and disabled children could qualify for these payments. You must have a very low income and few assets to qualify for SSI benefits.

Because SSDI benefits are based on your earning record and not your income, the amount of payment varies from person to person. SSI benefits are strictly limited.

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These benefits are paid to divorced spouses of workers who are receiving or are eligible to receive Social Security benefits. General Program Requirements In order to qualify for this benefit program, you must meet the following requirements: Be at least 62 years old and not currently married Be divorced from a person who receives Social Security retirement or disability benefits Have been married to that person for at least 10 years before the date the divorce became final Not be entitled an equal or higher retirement or disability benefits.

Once you have completed the eligibility screening questionnaire, you will be provided with a list of benefits for which you may be eligible. Print the list for your records before going to the application site. Your Next Steps The following information will lead you to the next steps to apply for this program. Application Process Once you know which benefits you may be eligible for, visit the Apply For Social Security Benefits webpage to apply online.

Or for additional information on this and any SSA benefit, call: Try using our Benefit Finder questionnaire to view a list of benefit programs you may be eligible to receive.

How Are Social Security Disability (and SSI) Backpayments Calculated?

Once you are approved for Social Security Disability benefits, your long term disability insurance provider will simply pay you the difference between your SSDI payment and your total LTD policy amount. The exact amount they can offset will depend on the language of your particular insurance policy and the amount you receive each month in Social Security Disability benefits. If you are receiving long term disability insurance and are going to be applying for Social Security Disability benefits, it may be in your best interest to consult with a disability representative.

Such an expert can help you understand exactly how your Social Security Disability benefits will affect your long term disability payments and whether or not your long term disability carrier can offset any of the back benefits that you are entitled to by the Social Security Administration. On page two of the earnings summary, it explains whether or not you are entitled to disability benefits and retirement benefits.

Social Security has had this two-year waiting period in place since Medicare became part of the disability process. The waiting period was put in place as a .

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What is My Disability Onset Date?

But what does it mean to say the Social Security trust fund has run out? At the individual level is looks a bit like a savings account, where you contribute money now in order to draw it down after you stop working. But after the system was overhauled in and up until , the amount of payroll tax dollars flowing into the system was higher than the amount of money that was needed to fund benefits.

If you add this year of retroactive benefits to the five-month wait period, the farthest back that Social Security will recognize a disability onset date is 17 months before the application date (12 + 5 = 17).

These two programs are different in many ways, and only individuals who have a disability and meet medical criteria may qualify for benefits under either program. SSI is a program that pays monthly checks to the elderly, the blind and people with disabilities who don’t own much or who don’t have much income. If you get SSI, you usually get food stamps and Medicaid, too. Medicaid helps pay doctor and hospital bills. The SSI program is based on a lower family income allowable limit.

In the SSI program, a child becomes an adult at age 18, and different medical and non-medical rules are used to decide if an adult can get SSI disability payments. For example, the income and resources of family members do not count when deciding whether an adult meets the financial limits for SSI. The adult disability rules are used to decide whether your year-old is disabled.

How Are Payment Dates Chosen for SSDI and SSI?

Can I draw early social security retirement and disability at the same time? Suppose that Susan B. Anthony, who is currently 62 years old and lives in Troy, Ohio, worked for 30 years at the Spacely Sprockets factory in Wilmington. She has leukemia, and as a result of her condition, she had to stop working on June 1, At that time, she did not apply for SSDI benefits. Now that she has reached age 62, she would like to begin drawing early retirement benefits from Social Security.

by Jonathan Ginsberg and Erin Schmidt. You probably would not be surprised to discover that the most common impairment cited by Social Security disability applicants involves back pain.

In June , OPM discovered that the background investigation records of current, former, and prospective Federal employees and contractors had been stolen. OPM and the interagency incident response team have concluded with high confidence that sensitive information, including the Social Security Numbers SSNs of Some records also include findings from interviews conducted by background investigators and approximately 5.

Usernames and passwords that background investigation applicants used to fill out their background investigation forms were also stolen. While background investigation records do contain some information regarding mental health and financial history provided by applicants and people contacted during the background investigation, there is no evidence that health, financial, payroll and retirement records of Federal personnel or those who have applied for a Federal job were impacted by this incident for example, annuity rolls, retirement records, USA JOBS, Employee Express.

Earlier in , OPM discovered that the personnel data of 4. This means information such as full name, birth date, home address and Social Security Numbers were affected. Back to Top How You May Be Affected If you underwent a Federal background investigation in or afterwards which occurs through the submission of forms SF , SF , or SF P for either a new investigation or a reinvestigation , it is highly likely that you were impacted by the incident involving background investigations.

If you underwent a background investigation prior to , you still may have been impacted, but it is less likely.

What Should You do if You Get a Partially Favorable Decision?