At Relate we work with lots of individuals of all ages: Here are some of the most common. You might be struggling to cope with feelings of sadness, loss, guilt or anger and they in turn can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and confidence. A counsellor is like your very own private support network. By exploring your past relationships and looking into your family history, you can start to take control of your life and make better and more conscious choices for your future relationships. Fear of rejection or judgement or issues surrounding self-confidence could be holding you back. We often convince ourselves certain things about relationships and what they mean. Counselling can help challenge any limiting beliefs you may be subconsciously holding onto.

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Many couples look for a way out We know the way back to the feelings you had when you said, “I Do. A New Beginning is a 3-day, turnaround weekend that empowers couples to transform their marriage. It teaches couples how to create the marriage they always wanted! It works … often when other approaches have failed.

Learn More About Our Marriage Counseling, Relationship Coaching, Premarital Counseling, Dating Coaching, Life Coaching, Career Coaching or Transformational Therapy: Marriage Counseling & Relationship Questions.

June 29, Help make this experience a success. What can you do to improve the chances of couples therapy being worth the time and money you put into it? In other words, what makes marriage counseling work? Have more goals for yourself than for your partner. Ultimately, you don’t get what you want. And what is it that you want?

Recalling your early expectations from the beginning of your relationship will help you visualize what it is you want — your ideal picture of the relationship.

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Looking to have more Meaningful Conversations with your spouse or partner? Do you want Less Stress in your Marriage or Relationship? All of this is possible with the help of a Relationship Coach!

Dating Coaching and Overcoming Relationship Roadblocks Finding new love in life is a process and one that requires careful thought in todays busy world. Many people feel they can’t securely attach to anyone and they are often left without the validation and security that they crave in relationships.

Relationships impact on our wellbeing and happiness. When our personal relationships are not working well, our ability to cope with other areas of our life is often affected. Many relationship difficulties can be managed and supported with the right kind of help. Collapse Relationship Counselling involves talking with a counsellor about any relationship difficulties that you are experiencing.

Whether you are wishing to enter a relationship, Read more Relationship Counselling involves talking with a counsellor about any relationship difficulties that you are experiencing. Whether you are wishing to enter a relationship, wanting to enhance your relationship, or having difficulties within your relationship, the counsellor will work in partnership with you as an individual or with you and your partner, asking questions to understand your relationship and assist you to find ways to manage your situation more effectively.

Counselling sessions are confidential. What happens at counselling? You are encouraged to explore your feelings and emotions in a safe place where problems and issues can be understood. Counselling can help you gain clarity, exploring a wide range of possibilities, options and the possible consequences of actions. People report feeling supported, acknowledged, respected and valued throughout the counselling process.

Read more You are encouraged to explore your feelings and emotions in a safe place where problems and issues can be understood. Collapse For more information or to make an appointment please call us on Read more For more information or to make an appointment please call us on

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We ascribe to a person-centered approach that makes use of specific psychotherapeutic interventions Learn More Our goal is to assist you in realizing the highest level of self-fulfillment and well being. We replace negative feelings and self-limiting behaviors with a positive self-image, healthy coping skills, and a high level of personal satisfaction.

Dedicated to Helping You Regain Clarity and Self-Acceptance Affordable Quality Counseling AQC intervenes to resolve negative feelings and behaviors like anger, oppositional attitudes and grief or loss between relationship partners, husbands and wives and parents and their adolescents or children. In addition, we help clients recovering from affairs and infidelity, co-dependency, sex addiction, impulse control disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder, including violent crimes like rape, domestic violence and physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

We ascribe to a person-centered approach that makes use of specific psychotherapeutic interventions, based on present-time, solution focused strategies as well as caring and consistent feedback and support.

Relationship counseling may be just what you need to improve your love life, so dating can become joyful and fun! Clear Vision Sometimes we are unable to see things in ourselves, and we need some advice and guidance from an expert.

Below is a list of the key goals and benefits of couples counseling: You can read more about a specific style of counseling called Discernment Counseling here. What to Expect in Couples Counseling It is natural to feel uncomfortable or scared when making the decision to start counseling. It is a new situation filled with unknowns and, therefore, can bring up vulnerabilities as you face what is really going on in your relationship. Therapy should be a safe place for difficult dialogues, and validation and empathy from your therapist.

Understanding that the counseling process may be uncomfortable or may bring up unpleasant emotions will aid you in making the most out of the experience. There is no need to feel ashamed or discouraged if a counseling session creates emotional heaviness. For example, you may leave an appointment feeling emotionally drained or fatigued or just the opposite — lighter, refreshed, calmer, or somewhere in the middle. In some types of couples therapy, the therapist may be seen as a coach providing education, communication skills training, and conflict-resolution techniques.

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Select a Program Counseling Advice: Whether it is between couples, friends, family members, co workers, or customers, the way we communicate with one another is essential to how we get our individual needs met. Communication is the foundation of all healthy relationships. There are several different types and styles of communication. There are both positive and negative ways to communicate. Negative communication leads to arguments, resentment, anger, frustration, divorce, loss of family relationships, loss of friendships, and loss of happiness with oneself by not being able to get ones own needs met.

Relationship counseling as a discrete, professional service is thus a recent phenomenon. Until the late 20th century, the work of relationship counseling was informally fulfilled by close friends, family members, or local religious leaders.

Relationship Resolutions is a comprehensive counseling service that helps people improve their quality of life. As our name reflects, our counseling services focus on relationships because, after all, we all occupy at least one of these relationship roles: Our relationships can be both our most significant source of happiness and, simultaneously, cause the most intense feelings of pain. Moods, thoughts, and behaviors affect and are affected by the status and quality of relationships.

If one or more significant relationships suffer and struggle, the distraction can make it nearly impossible for us to think clearly, feel good, and make wise choices. Conversely, our ability to think clearly, feel good, and make wise choices determines whom we have in our lives and in what way, why, and how we interact. At Relationship Resolutions, we focus on: Suzanne Lochie Christine Kalinik Rachel Ferguson If you are a new client and have been given a code to setup your account and complete intake paperwork, simply click here to visit our client site.

Relationship Resolutions is going national! Stay tuned for more details.

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Intensive Counseling Program Learning new skills through actual practice is key to making changes in relationships and dealing with the anxiety that comes up. I can help you sort through your emotions and thoughts within a compassionate environment for change. You may need an up-to-date, marriage counselor or couples counselor. Many insurance plans cover counseling when people are anxious or depressed, often the case when someone is having relationship issues.

Some insurance plans cover couples counseling when anxiety or depression is present.

Christian relationship counseling for married and premarital couples seeking improved communication, conflict resolution and faith guidance. Dating coaching for individuals seeking to attract an emotionally healthy, relationship based on Christian principles.

A good time to attend marriage or relationship counseling is when: Or, You feel stuck and what you have tried on your own is not working. Or, You fight or withdraw or refuse to address issues of conflict. Or, You think your partner is what is wrong with the marriage or relationship. Or, You are thinking you might be happier with someone else Most people do their best to try to fix things in a marriage or romantic relationship when things are not going well.

The bad news is, that often, the very things many people try to do to help, end up making it worse. That does not mean it cannot be repaired and changed to become more of what you both want. It just means that we tend to try to fix things in ways related to our own needs, fears, patterns and those are usually the very things that drive your partner nuts! It is very common for one person to be unhappy and the other seemingly clueless that there is any problem at all.

They are relatively happy. Everybody has individual issues and patterns, and those do play into any relationship. When there is distress in the marriage or relationship, one or both will usually feel some emotional disconnection. Frequently, although not always, sexual passion diminishes as well.

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Counseling for Singles Are you dissatisfied with your single life? You may be single by choice or have been unable to connect with someone special. If you are divorced or widowed you may believe that you already had your one opportunity to find love in a lasting relationship. Maybe you grew up in a dysfunctional family that has left you unsettled and mistrustful of becoming intimate in a relationship. These are many reasons why single people enter counseling. Understanding the emotional factors that influence your relationships and determine your satisfaction with your current life situation is the first step in deciding how to improve your experience.

Dating Violence” is violence committed by a person who is or has been in a social relationship of a romantic or intimate nature with another individual and where the existence of the relationship shall be determined based on the reporting party’s statement and with the consideration of the following factors.

Healthy Relationships Humans are social beings. We depend on relationships with others for survival and fulfillment. We begin forming relationships at birth with our caretakers and family members. As we grow up, we form friendships and romantic interests, which tend to be particularly important during adolescence and young adulthood, including the college years. We also develop work and community connections.

All of these relationships require time and attention in order to be healthy and beneficial. It is important to establish healthy patterns and strong foundations early in our relationships. This promotes satisfaction and longevity.

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Print Overview Marriage counseling, also called couples therapy, is a type of psychotherapy. Marriage counseling helps couples of all types recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. Through marriage counseling, you can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding and strengthening your relationship or going your separate ways. Marriage counseling is often provided by licensed therapists known as marriage and family therapists.

Marriage counseling is often short term.

Relationship counseling is a form of therapy that is designed to help couples work out conflicts and other issues in their lives when they are no longer able to communicate effectively on their own. The sessions are overseen by a licensed therapist who will help a couple learn to.

In real life, partners all too often end up living the marriage or relationship of their nightmares, feeling pain and inflicting the same on their partners. Even though the divorce rate has dropped some in recent years, there were still over a million marriages in the US that ended in divorce last year. In fact, the same has been true very year since in this country. When you ask people why they broke up, they say: These are the reasons people tell you. In Imago , a type of relationship therapy created by Dr.

It has to do with something we have not known about or understood — a hidden agenda — an agenda that we all bring into our relationships from our past. The exact content is different for everyone, but the core of it is this: Deep down, perhaps in a place even we do not know about, we long to receive from our partners the type of love we needed and deserved, but did not receive, or did not receive enough of, when we were kids. While almost everyone gets something good from their folks growing up, from an Imago perspective, none of us get all our needs met.

And a larger percentage of us than you might imagine, got some things that were downright hurtful. No one gets a perfect childhood Some had a parent or parents who were critical or raged, were alcoholic or had affairs. Perhaps there were parental arguments, abuse, or divorce or multiple divorces. Or all of the above.

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It can happen for a variety of reasons. It may be that merely being together for a longer period of time than usual allows any irritations normally overlooked to become unbearable. Perhaps we then vent our frustration with sometimes disastrous effect.

Have a successful relationship with relationship counseling from our Rewarding Relationshipss Program dating experts. Our dating program will help you become .

Control is the most common source of anguish in our lives. Most of us secretly would like to control the actions and choices of those who impact us the most—our spouses, parents, children, ex-spouses, bosses, co-workers, etc. If we could just convince them that our way is the best way, our lives would be so much easier. If we could just get others to behave in ways that make sense to us, our problems would diminish.

If we could live in a world where people accommodated our needs, life would be great. I know you believe that it is those other people who are so controlling. You are that person. Whether you are conscious of this or not, you spend a lot of time and energy trying to control people and things that are completely outside of your control.

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