I love all the owls. So if you are no owl fanatic, you might want to allocate your finances elsewhere. Live owls are perched on branches surrounding the walls of the cafe. While the rest are friendlier, keep the stroking to their beaks only. I found out the hard way. They get annoyed and start to bite and peck if you try to stroke their head or feathers.

Japan: 10 Best Places You NEED to Visit in Osaka

It may no longer be used for international flights but, if you need to head here for a domestic flight, a stay in one of these will give you peace of mind. Many take advantage of the area’s abundant space with Read More Everything from pop concerts and trade fairs to business meetings are held here. Nearby is the satellite city of Muang Thong Thani, where many businesses and affordable high-rise condominiums can be found.

Travel blogger poses in front of moving train to get the perfect shot and people are confused and concerned. A travel blogger is being called out for her “dangerous behavior” after she shared a.

Tian’anmen Square the Square of Heavenly Peace is the world’s largest inner-city square, designed to hold a million people and built to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Chinese Republic in Considered the center of communist China, the square’s symbolic importance dates back to May 4th, , when students demonstrated against the Chinese provisions of the Treaty of Versailles.

Other features of note are the Museum of the Chinese Revolution with its exhibits illustrating the various stages of the Chinese revolution from and the development of the Communist Party, and the Chairman Mao Mausoleum where the body of Mao rests in a crystal sarcophagus. Dongcheng, Beijing Beihai Park Share: Just a short distance from the Imperial Palace, Beihai Park is one of the oldest surviving imperial gardens in Beijing.

Laid out at the beginning of the 10th century, this beautiful open space takes its name from nearby Lake Beihai North Lake and offers many good reasons to pay a visit. Among the most important structures are the Round Fort dating from the Yuan period of ; the spectacular Hall of Enlightenment, built in and home to a one-and-a-half-meter-tall Buddha carved from a single block of white jade; and a large black jade vase from the early 12th century. Surrounded by lush vegetation, these lovely old temples and shrines are set out in two sections – one rectangular, the other semi-circular – which together symbolize heaven and earth.

It was here that, on the day of the winter solstice, the emperor would ascend the Heavenly Altar in solemn ceremony to pray for a good harvest and offer sacrifices in the brightly decorated Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests Qinian Dian. Built in in customary Chinese fashion of wood and entirely without nails, the hall sits on a three-tier marble terrace with balustrades and a roof covered with 50, fine blue glazed tiles a marble plaque on the floor represents the dragon and the phoenix stone, symbols of the emperor.

Another highlight is the Hall of the Vault of Heaven Huangqiong Yu , erected in and boasting a blue-tiled conical roof it was used to store the ceremonial plaques of Heaven and the Officials. Be sure to also visit the temple’s Echo Wall, which echoes to even the quietest of voices, an effect exaggerated by three unusual echoing stones. Built at great cost, this remarkable structure owes its unique design to the influences of traditional Chinese ceramics and has, since the Olympics, been used to host large cultural events and performances including opera, pop concerts, and football matches.

In winter, it’s turned into the world’s largest manmade indoor ski slope.

Pagadian City Beach Attractions

Abstract Continents on the early earth are considered to have been built through the accretion of microterranes, oceanic arcs and plateaus. The North China Craton NCC , envisaged in recent models as a collage of several microblocks which were amalgamated along multiple zones of ocean closure during the late Neoarchean, provide a typical case to investigate the origin and amalgamation of microcontinents through convergent margin processes.

Here we report a suite of magmatic rocks developed at the periphery of one of these microblocks, the Jiaoliao Block, that forms part of the composite Eastern Block of the NCC. We integrate our new data with those from various parts of this microblock to elucidate the mechanism of continent building in the Archean. We present petrological, geochemical and zircon U—Pb geochronological and Lu-Hf isotopic data from the magmatic suite that belongs to the Yishui Complex.

Probably though for convenience staying nearer to Umeda in the North is better as JR Osaka station is the main hub with multiple subway lines, local trains to Nara, Kobe and Kyoto, plus being close to Shin-Osaka for the bullet train.

Shopping Malls Enough of the old stuff? Ready for something more contemporary? Central Festival Phuket, on the outskirts of Phuket City is a , square-metre air-conditioned shopping mall where you can find brands such as Guess, Lacoste, Esprit, bebe, Nautica and Cerruti Jeans. If you are looking for Asian arts and crafts or fine jewelry, there are a good number of shops catering to pretty much every taste. This is a very convenient and comfortable place for one-stop shopping.

Ladies, drop hubby off in one of the restaurants where he can enjoy a beer or three, or – if you plan to do some major shopping – send him to the seven-screen Cineplex on the top floor. There are spas, a supermarket, beauty salons, even dentists and, of course, ATMs and currency exchanges to top up your wallet. The mall is open from In Patong, the recently opened Jungceylon complex has a floor area of , square meters right in the heart of the town.

There are shops in the mall and on the lower level a whole floor of more than 50 outlets selling nothing but arts and crafts.

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Today I want to explain what exactly it means and why you should avoid it — if you can. What exactly is Golden Week? Golden Week is one of the most popular travel season and thus extremely crowded. This photo was taken inside of Kyoto Station. When is Golden Week? Golden Week is usually from April 29 to May 5 sometimes May 6 and includes the following public holidays:

Asia – SOMETHING OFF THE BEATEN TRACK IN OSAKA – Having done/seen the usual touristy spots in Osaka in our previous 4 visits, does anyone () SOMETHING OFF THE BEATEN TRACK IN OSAKA .

I love all the owls. So if you are no owl fanatic, you might want to allocate your finances elsewhere. Live owls are perched on branches surrounding the walls of the cafe. While the rest are friendlier, keep the stroking to their beaks only. I found out the hard way. They get annoyed and start to bite and peck if you try to stroke their head or feathers.

Visit the 7 storey, hour entertainment complex Round 1 Stadium The arcade culture here is no joke – just watching them play is like a performance in itself! Going to the arcade may be a distant memory from our secondary school days.

12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Tokyo

Caucasian Albanian alphabet According to Armenian medieval historians Movses Khorenatsi , Movses Kaghankatvatsi and Koryun , the Caucasian Albanian the Armenian name for the language is Aghvank, the native name of the language is unknown alphabet was created by Mesrob Mashtots , [31] [32] [33] the Armenian monk , theologian and translator who is also credited with creating the Armenian.

Koryun , a pupil of Mesrob Mashtots, in his book The Life of Mashtots, wrote about how his tutor created the alphabet: Then there came and visited them an elderly man, an Albanian named Benjamin. And he Mashtots inquired and examined the barbaric diction of the Albanian language, and then through his usual God-given keenness of mind invented an alphabet, which he, through the grace of Christ, successfully organized and put in order.

A Caucasian Albanian alphabet of fifty-two letters, bearing resemblance to Georgian, Ethiopian and Armenian characters, [Note 1] survived through a few inscriptions, and an Armenian manuscript dating from the 15th century.

Naomi Osaka on Monday jumped 12 places to No. 7 in the latest WTA rankings following her historic U.S. Open victory, becoming the highest-ranked Japanese woman since Kimiko Date reached No. .

The original evil parts come from old China and its fox lore introduced to Japan between the 4th-7th centuries CE. The newer tamer parts, such as the big belly , belly drumming , giant scrotum , and sake bottle can be traced to late Edo-era Japan 18th th centuries , while the commercialized benevolent parts promissory note , straw hat emerged in Japanese artwork around the beginning of the 20th century.

In general, the goofy-looking Tanuki we are familiar with today is a recent creation, mostly Japanese. The Chinese influence on Japanese folklore, without doubt, is enormous. Yet the Japanese are equally adept at creating their own lore, as exemplified by their homespun Tanuki legends. In their earliest malevolent manifestations transmitted via Chinese fox lore to Japan by at least the 7th century CE , Tanuki assumed human form, haunted and possessed people, and were considered omens of misfortune.

Many centuries later in Japan, they evolved into irrepressible tricksters, aiming their illusory magic and mystifying belly-drum music at unwary travelers, hunters, woodsmen, and monks. Today, the Tanuki are cheerful, lovable, and benevolent rogues who bring prosperity and business success. Ceramic statues of Tanuki are found everywhere in modern Japan, especially outside bars and restaurants, where a pudgy Tanuki effigy typically beckons drinkers and diners to enter and spend generously a role similar to Maneki Neko, the Beckoning Cat, who stands outside retail establishments.

In his modern form, the fun-loving Tanuki is commonly depicted with a big tummy , a straw hat , a bewildered facial expression he is easily duped , a giant scrotum , a staff attached to a sake flask , and a promissory note that he never pays.

19 Awesome Day Trips From Tokyo

Jan 6, at 5: Crab restaurants Eating crab is extremely popular in Japan, especially in autumn and winter when the catch is in season. A good meal of crab can be quite expensive, so you want to look around and choose your restaurant.

Enjoy a quick and easy trip to some of Kyoto’s most famous sightseeing spots even if staying in Osaka. 2. Visit Kinkaku-ji Temple and Nijo Castle, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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This makes a lot of wines to taste and you better plan ahead with the fair’s website to make a choice. The problem is that their website [here the page for the next one in march which is a bit smaller] is not very user-friendly, you have to click repeatedly without ever having for example all the domaines of a given region on a single page, so I usually prefer to go there without planning.

It seems to me that in the past they displayed a large board at the entry with the names of participants and the stands location in the fair, I saw none of this this time, but walking and picking randomly the wineries you’ll taste is interesting as well, especially that there is no region order, they’re all mixed up with a Champagne producer standing next top a Languedoc for example. It had been a while that I hadn’t visited this fair in spite of receiving lots of invitations, sometimes because I’m out of town, sometimes because of the crushing crowds see pic on right , but I decided to visit again this december, first because there are a few natural-wine producers who participate, and because interesting vignerons pop up also year after year, who use the fair as a direct access to the Paris-region public.

The Complete Osaka Travel Guide. Osaka is Japans third largest city. It also has some great gardens and natural places, interesting history, culture, festivals and attractions. This area has preserved ancient history of Japan dating back to the 5th century when people built vast symmetrical keyhole shaped burial mounds.

Slippery Senoritas Add to Trip! We love the fact that they seem to raise the bar almost every night — on Monday they are skilfully hurling two liquor bottles through the air and catching them: This is showman bartending at its best. Opened in , it draws in a young vibrant crowd with two floors for dancing and drinking: Modelled after a typical English pub, SoHo Free House is a two-storey pub located along Jalan Penang that is quite a show stealer with everyone — from locals and expats to tourists.

The place to head to if you need an urgent fix of Kilkenny or a decent Guinness, downstairs it is divided into an intimate dining area set adjacent to a beer hall with a bar counter, while upstairs there are pool tables and window-seats overlooking Jalan Penang. Its music soundtrack has a firm focus on classic 80s hits and its all-day happy hour promos are one of its biggest draws. Standouts in the menu include homemade chicken burger, with a succulent chicken patty topped with cheddar cheese slices, a fat slice of juicy tomato and crisp lettuce leaf, sandwiched between buttered sesame buns.

12 Things to Do in Osaka, Japan (Must See Attractions)